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Annexure to previous post- "Aam Aadmi Party and the Kashmir Issue - An In-depth study" (Screen-shots & more links)

Original article appears here:  Aam Aadmi Party And Kashmir Issue-An In-depth Study

Watch this space for more updates...The issue is getting very serious.
Checking if any other link is not working in the original post. All the content in "Kashmir Herald" paper seems to have disappeared...See No links at the time of writing this. I had saved screenshots. Sharing here.

This site had links on J&K news&views, foreign policy, Profiles of terrorist organisations...Now not accessible.

Taking this opportunity to add link to Prof. Vaidyanathan's article: 
Is India Safe? What is Ford Foundation

And this: Dawood Gawali can also be AAP members says Damaniya, Where Anajali Damaniya, regional convenor of AAP says that even underworld don Dawood and likes of Arun Gawali can become members of Aam  Adami Party...all are welcome in her party. "....gangsters will not be made leaders but we shall try to improve them... "

The self-proclaimed Anarchist Arvind Kejriwal, now the Chief minister of Delhi, leads a Dharna, considered a step in the right direction by his supporters. To see the real picture, read The first-hand account of AAP Delhi Dharna from a Police officer. He had also threatened to disrupt Republic Day celebrations.

The book SWARAJ, by Arvind Kejriwal is a plagiarised work. For details, See


"PM  ManmohanSingh's dream for South Asia region...Congress seems to have agreed in ‘principle’ to the out-of-the-box Kashmir solution"

PM ManMohanSingh’s approach on foreign policy is also heavily criticised within Kashmir, in very strong words. 

Jihad and Dialog - Can't RunParallel many startling Revelations about India's foreign policy – Pakistan - USA connection

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